Crowned with LOVE

Crowned with LOVE

Dear You,

This blog post is going to be a bit different from my previous ones. This one will be just the post. No pictures, no outfit details, and it is just a tiny bit long lol. But this is actually something that I wrote over a year ago and I came across just a couple of days ago. I read it and well I had sorta forgotten that I wrote it haha but as I kept reading I was reminded of how close this was to me at the time and what it meant to me. So I am here to share it with you now. I hope it brings even the smallest bit of light and love to you and that you would know me and my heart just a bit more by reading this.



You are loved. I love you.

I’m sure you’ve heard both of those phrases at least more than once in your life. And I’m sure that after hearing it so many times you may be thinking ‘yeah right.’ Or thinking ‘that’s just something people say as a courtesy because it sounds nice’ or is the “right” thing to say. Believe me I’ve been there, I’ve thought that before. It’s hard when you keep hearing this word or phrase be thrown around but don’t actually see it or feel it in people’s actions. But I am here to tell you that even when you don’t see it or feel it, believe it. Because it is the absolute most truthful statement in the world. YOU ARE LOVED.

I believe that love wears a crown.

Love is a choice that we get to make every single day. I love because I choose to love. There's a desire in each of our hearts that wants love and wants to be loved. Why? Because that's what we were created for. We were created with love (and the ability to love) already inside of us. From the moment you were born you were loved and love was in you.

More often than not though we don't realize that love is a choice. Love is a small 4 letter word that has one of the deepest meanings of any other word (big or small). From my own experience there can be 2 extremes from this word. There's the side in which love is thrown around all over the place like a hot potato, just being tossed from person to person for no longer than a few seconds. And then there's the side where we don't say the word at all because we feel the meaning of it is too deep, that someone has to earn it before it's said. The latter is where most of us end up; confused and hurt and unsure of what to do. When you think about it though, the two actually tie together as one. Normally, in the beginning, we're part of the hot potato type of love where it's thrown around a lot. It goes back and forth, from here to there, and we feel like when we're the last one stuck holding it we just get burned. We keep being told "I love you" and then something happens that just flips everything upside down and we start to think "well no one really loves me." We try not to lose hope but when it keeps happening time and time again, our hearts just get harder and harder and we form a shell, or wall, around ourselves and our heart. Or sometimes as I refer to it, we become "immune." Love comes at us and we have every defense mechanism out that we push it away almost as fast as it's coming. That's about the same time that we start to become the latter; where we don't say the word at all. We start to become like the students of Hogwarts and refer to it as "it that shall not be named." lol

How do we get out of this though? Is there hope for those of us that have been so badly hurt that our only defense is anger or attitude or pride.

Well, I am here to tell you YES! Absolutely yes! There is hope for us all. The most incredible thing about love is that it's meant for EVERYONE. It is for every single person on this planet. Now that is a lot of love. Love is everywhere. Love is in you right now this very second. God sent his son to this earth so that we could experience His love so radically just the way He intended it to be. So open your heart, let the love rush in. I know it's hard guys, especially when we feel we've just about had it with everyone for lying or hurting us so much. But the best part is that God understands. He doesn't just look at us and say "well fine if you don't want it, I'm leaving." He looks at us and says "I am right here with you. I love you fully as you are. I know what you're feeling. My heart hurts just as yours does. But come and let me take it. Let me crown you with my love. Let's do this together." Sometimes we're so caught up in running the race of life and think that God is so far ahead of us; when he's been running alongside us this whole time. Love is not something you earn. You do not have to earn Gods love. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done, God already loves you one hundred percent as you are. Believe that with all that you are. Let that real love come in and crown your heart. Every day we get to choose. So today, let's choose love.

Today, I choose love.


Love, Vanessa

P.S. Here’s a link to a video/track that has had a great impact on me, inspired me to write this blog post, and has gotten me through a time in my life when I didn’t really feel loved. When I was having a hard time loving myself and accepting Gods unconditional love for me. Listen to it in your quiet time or on your drive home from work or whenever you have time during your day. I pray that it touches you, brings healing, and inspires you to share it with others.
(You can also find it on Spotify under the album “The Awakening” by Jonathan David Helser and it is the track titled “Inheritance” feat. Graham Cooke.)