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NEW YEAR, ______ ________

Vanessa Perez4 Comments
NEW YEAR, ______   ________

Dear you,


It is 2019! Where has the time gone?! We’re only 361 days away from 2020. Now that’s crazy.

A new year brings on so many great things. We see the new year as a fresh start to our life; a way to start all over again (because I mean we can’t just start something new in the middle of the year, that’s preposterous). So just like many other people in the world, the new year gets us thinking, “What are my dreams? My plans? My goals?” etc. etc.

Truth is, keeping up with your new years resolution is hard stuff! I think we can all say we haven’t kept up with at least one of our new years resolutions. Not to say that it’s not possible, because it totally is, but if I had a dollar for every new years resolution that I didn’t keep…..well let’s just say I’d have a lot of dollars and a lot more shoes. Lol

However, this isn’t about having a resolution. Whether you are the kind of person that makes new years resolutions or not, we all still have goals and dreams. And writing them down isn’t what makes them come true, but it’s the action of following through. (okay this is supposed to be on a somewhat serious note, but that last sentence rhymed and I wasn’t even trying to do that. So I guess you could say I’ll be the next Dr. Suess lol). One of the most popular phrases for a new year is “New year, New Me.“ Only, the second half of that phrase doesn’t have to be “new me.” You don’t have to change your entire being because it’s a new year. Believe me you are awesome already. I left the last part blank because it can be whatever you want it to be.

New Year, _____ ________

  • New Goals

  • New Dreams

  • Old dreams

  • Same Me

Remember, change doesn’t mean “new.” Change just means “different.” I still have the same dreams that I had last year. Just because they didn’t come true in 2018 doesn’t mean they can’t in 2019. This year will just be a different way of achieving that same dream. And I have a feeling it’s gonna be a good one *wink wink*

So fill in the blank for yourself. Don’t let the pressure of society make you feel like you are anything less than the absolutely fantastic person that you already are. You’re dreams matter. Old or new, they matter.

Here’s to you and all the great things coming your way in 2019. The best is yet to come!




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