Keep Moving Forward!

Keep Moving Forward!

Dear you,

It's been so long!...It's been too long actually. These past couple of weeks have been crazy busy for me. And then in the middle of last week, I got sick! Agh that sucked. But I am happy to say after some medicine, some praying, and some good days of just resting, I am feeling waaaaaay better. Not really sure what it was (it wasn't the flu though so thank you Jesus) I think it was just a cold. Either way I'm all better now whoop whoop! 

I have really missed you and missed writing to you. These past couple of weeks just weren't the same without you. 

You know sometimes life gets in the way. It gets in the way of the things we want to do or even the things we are already doing. And during those times it's so easy to just give up. To just say you know what, "this is never gonna work out and things are always gonna come up and I just won't have the time to really commit." These past couple of weeks that was me. It's true, life gets in the way. We have jobs, we have school, we have kids and family and a home that needs to be taken care of. And things happen. We get busy and that's totally okay. Nobody has the perfect life. And nobody has more hours in a day than someone else. What we make of those hours is completely up to us.

It's hard, believe me I know. I go to work from 8 to 5 and by the time I get home I don't want to do anything. Like literally nothing. And once I get home and get comfortable I hate leaving or going out again. I am so lazy and I am not afraid to admit it lol. But I've realized (for myself) that if I'm ever going to make anything happen it's during those times. It's the times when I'm most lazy or I feel defeated or feel like I can just give up at any moment, when I need to do something. I need to keep firing up the flame otherwise it will just burn out.... and I'm not ready for it to go out just yet. 

Life will always happen but don't let that be an excuse to stop doing something you love. Let it be a push forward, not a pull back. And let it motivate you by showing you exactly what you are capable of. Don't put limits on yourself, God doesn't give us limits. He is a limitless God. So if he doesn't limit us then we shouldn't limit ourselves either. 

And just remember everyone started somewhere (this is something that I have to keep reminding myself of every single day). Nobody just started at the top. So don't compare yourself to someone that's doing what you'd want to do, when they started doing it years earlier. They had to start at the beginning just like you are.

Don't give up. And to quote the movie "Meet the Robinsons" KEEP MOVING FORWARD!


Love Vanessa 




Dress & Sweater- Forever 21

Shoes - Vans

Jacket - Neff 

Mesh overlay shirt - Ross 

Pom earrings - Claire's