Filters Filters Filters

Filters Filters Filters

Dear you,

Hey there! So I've been doing some thinking (I know crazy right?) and there's something that's really been on my mind lately....(if you haven't already guessed by the title) filters. What's the first thing that pops into your head when you hear the word "filter"? Is it an A/C filter? A water filter? Snapchat filters? Instagram? Any social media really. 

Well the first thing that pops into my head is definitely social media filters. 

I LOVE social media filters! They're so cute, they make you look like you have makeup on (which is perf for when you don't have any on lol) and they're so fun (especially the ones on snapchat, those are hilarious).  

We use filters for different things. Most times it's to enhance the picture that we've taken. We want to squeeze as much beauty out of the picture as we can. And that's totally okay! Putting a filter on a picture doesn't make you a bad person. The thing about filters is that they're not real. We have to learn to look past the filter.  And more often than not, we only see as far as the filter goes and that's it. We see a picture of something, or someone, we see the filters and how beautiful it looks all looks, and we start comparing ourselves to those pictures and then everything just starts to get out of control. 

I want to tell you...I am that person. I see other peoples pictures and I want my pictures and my face and my clothes to look just as beautiful as that persons. I see a beautiful sky and I want to take a picture of it to post on the Gram. I go somewhere where the scenery and nature is so beautiful and I just want to take pictures of everything. Not really for myself (cause let's be honest, I take pictures and I rarely go back and look at them to reminisce, they just stay untouched on my phone) but to post so other people can see and "like" it. 

My brother doesn't really like taking posed pictures, and if you tell him to take a picture of you posed, all he'll keep telling you is that you're "fake." He is all about being in the moment. It used to make me mad and I didn't really know why it made me so mad but the more I thought about it the more I realized that I was mad because it was true, it was fake. I still pose for pictures all the time, so don't think that all of my photos are un-posed. But I had to overcome that and finally be okay with saying that my pictures are "fake," they are posed, and they do have filters. The reason it bothered me so much when my brother said it is because I didn't want to admit that they weren't "real." 

The truth is, this is something we all have to come to terms with at sometime or another. What's that quote? "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Well, you are the beholder. You don't need your beauty to be validated by someone else. You have that power, the only time someone else does is when you give it to them. 

So I guess my brother is on to something huh? He's right though, and every time I want to take pictures I always hear his voice in my head. I still take the picture, but I always make sure to just sit and really enjoy the moment first.

And just a little reminder: the only one that truly matters is Jesus and He knows that you are gorgeous! Once we start seeing ourselves through His eyes, the whole world changes. 


Love Vanessa



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