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Dream On

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Dream On

Dear you,

I hope you're having an absolutely wonderful week! Can you believe it's already February! Time goes by so fast, it's crazy. And trying to make the most of the time we have isn't always easy, but when we are able to do it it feels so great. I always feel so accomplished when I know I've made the most of my day :) Even being able to check off the smallest thing I did in a day makes me feel so good. You don't have to jam pack your day with a million and one things to do, starting with just one thing and having a goal in mind is where it all begins.

We were made to impact the world! Hearing that sounds like a pretty big task to take on when you think about it. I mean "the WORLD." Now that's a lot of people and a lot of surface to cover. My mentality was always "okay, what can I do that will make the most impact to the most people?" and I would sit and think and think and think. The stuff that I would think of just always seemed too small, like it wouldn't reach enough people. So I'd scratch it and start thinking of something else. I'd get inspiration from other people, or from people I'd see on social media and the impact they were making and I'd get discouraged because I'd see the amount of followers they have and compare it to the little that I have and boom another thought shattered to pieces. I just couldn't muster up the courage to do something (even though my heart and mind were passionate about it). So all my thoughts, all my dreams, all my ideas, just stayed thoughts, dreams, and ideas. They'd stay locked away in my mind or written down somewhere in one of my journals (I have so many, I'm obsessed). 

Through all these thoughts and dreams God revealed something to me. It's not about impacting everyone at one time. It's not about having and being the most impactful above other people. We are meant to work together, not to do things alone. This isn't a task that is only for you, that you have to do all by yourself and no one can help you. It's for all of us...together. If one person, just one, took up the thing they're passionate about and said yes, well that would already be one person impacted. Now can you imagine if we all did that?? We'd change the world! 

Don't give up on your dream. The hardest part is saying yes. If there is a desire in your heart then it's there for a purpose and God loves that! He cares about your dreams even more than you do and He believes in your dreams. Say yes and go from there. Everything is a process but that's the point. We get to grow and learn from the process and we progress as we go. 


Love Vanessa


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